Donate Your Bike

Someone would LOVEto have your unwanted bike!

We Currently Not Accepting Any Donations At This Time.

Donate a bike to Happier Bikes, a non-profit organization looking for unwanted bikes and bike parts, bikes that can be rebuilt and given to someone that would love a bike, either a child to ride for fun or an adult that needs a form of transprtation..

Donate Bikes And Parts

Have a kids bike sitting around collecting dust?  Consider donating it to the Happier Bikes where we give these bike to kids that do not have a bike and are super excited to have one of their own. 

We take all bikes and bike parts. Each bike goes through a full inspection and receives any repairs needed to have a fun safe riding experience for a new owner.

"Thanks to your donation, the less fortunate kids at the ranch, that are without bikes, are able to ride with everyone! It has helped impact our ranch in a positive way tremendously."
Activities Director
Fathers Heart Ranch

We are running a fundraiser to become an official non-profit organization.
Please consider helping us by donating or simply going to this page and sharing with your friends on social media.

Fundraiser Help

We Accept All Kinds Of Bicycle Donations

  • Little kid bikes.
  • Teenager size bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Bicycles for all ages
  • 20" bikes


Everyone should be able to have a bike. Children just want to have fun and that;s great, a child should not have to be concerned about anything else.
Older kids and adults need bikes too, they might enjoy riding a bike for just the fun of it but many need a bicyle for transportation, getting to school, work or a way to get to the store. 
We want to help everyone have a nice, safe bicycle to ride.

Please let us know how we can help you or someone you know that would be happy to ride a bike.

    What We Do With Bike Donations 

    repair donated bikes
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    bike donation repairs

    Many of the bikes that come to us need very minimal repairs and others need a lot of help, that is where the bike parts donations come in helpful, we can take those parts and build a wonderful bike for a deserving child.
    When a bike comes in wego through each part of the bike checking to see the condition and what repairs are needed.

    • Tires
    • Tubes
    • Brakes - brake pads - brake cables
    • Sear post and clamp
    • Front forks
    • Crank
    • Pedals
    • Neck
    • Handle bars
    • Grips
    • Hand brakes

    After the bike is fully inspected and all repairs are made we don't stop with that. 
    OUr mission is to provide deserving kids a new bike, a donated bike that can be as close to new as possible.
    We give each bike a very good washing, wipe all the dirty grime off. do our best to fix any paint chips and then give each bike a nice polish.
    We truly love each donated bike that comes in because we want a childs heart filled with joy when they receive a bike.

      bike donation program

      Why Happier Bikes?

      There are many children in this community that grow without ever learning how to ride a bike. For some of us, this seems unfathomable. However, it is a reality. With the rise of single parenting, some kids are being raised on one income. That income is going toward food and shelter. It is expensive here in California for these families to even survive. However, here at Happier Bikes, we want to give back to these kids, who, for no reason of their own, don't have access to bikes.

      Growing up, we would bike all over. You would meet up with your friends and bike to the local arcade or grab a snack together. Biking was something you did with your friends. It is a healthy activity and gives the kids something to do, besides sit around and stare at a screen.
      Did you learn how to ride a bike? Do you remember the day that it finally worked! You finally got the right balance. Most of us learned this from a very young age, however, these kids don't get that same experience. They may be teens or adults and have never ridden a bike in their life. 

      Bikes are a wonderful method of transportation. This could provide transportation to and from work. Sometimes it is impossible to walk to the job in the timeframe they have from the time they get done with school to the time they need to clock in. Getting a donated bike means they can work and help bring in some additional income for their family. All because someone cared enough to donate their bike to us.

      Happier Bikes is located in Banning CA and would like to think everyone that has made donations, donated bike, bike parts as well as financial contributions. This mission takes a lot of work and is nothing without the community and their support. 

      Who We Are

      The Happier bikes Organization was founded for one purpose. To make sure that anyone and everyone that doesn't have a bike due to financial reasons can have access to one. Biking is a wonderful pastime. It gives them freedom and something to enjoy in a healthy manner. Many people have bikes literally laying around in their garages collecting dust. That bike would be the reason for someone to smile. If you have access to bikes in your garage, instead of selling them, donate them to a wonderful cause. Biking is something that the entire family can enjoy but sometimes it is just not affordable to get started. We get it. When there are a lot of children in a home, this can really add up. Give a gift today and donate your bike in any condition. That's right, it doesn't have to be perfect, we need bike parts too.

      If you don't have a bike but would like to help the Happier bikes Organization, you can also offer up a donation. We need donations to keep the lights on, help pay bills that our organization occurs for simply being open, the cost of parts to repair the bikes to a working condition. We don't give out non-operational bikes but we repair them! Many times the bikes come in without tires or proper inflation. It is important to us that everyone gets a safe bike to ride. That's why we take our time to go through each and every bike.

      Our Bikes come from generous donations!

      When you get a bike from the Happier Bikes, know that someone thought about you. Happier Bikes runs solely off from the generosity of our community. We not only provide bikes to those that can't afford them but we are also doing our part to save the planet. Each bike that we restore, is one less bike that lands in a landfill. 

      Do you know where there is a pile of bikes for free beside the road? Call us! We have had people call and let us know where these bikes are located so we could go pick them up. Many people in the area aren't aware of our organization. However, we are working hard to spread the word! We understand that some people cannot simply get the bikes to us, as they don't fit in their cars, not a problem! Don't use that one as an excuse to not help a child in need.

      Do not sell our bikes!

      Most of our bikes will go to small children that would have never gotten this opportunity. We do ask then as the child outgrows the bike that you bring it back for an upgrade! This keeps all the bikes in the system and allows us to help just that many more people! When the child outgrows the bike but has a younger sibling to pass it along to, that is perfect too! Whatever you do, just don't sell the bike outright as that is not what this program is based on.

      boys bike donation programs

      Biking is a pass time that many people take for granted. There are many trails and biking paths that kids and adults can enjoy together. Biking is a wonderful and healthy hobby. These bikes can be for fun or used for transportation. 

      Some adults can't afford a car or truck and biking and the busing is their only way around. If you have a bike that is just sitting around, donate it! Have a child that has outgrown their bike and you don't need the money? Bring it in and know that you are putting a smile on another child's face, that is most likely not living in the lap of luxury.

      These children come from broken homes, homes where the parents are working many hours to make the ends meet. They are trying very hard for their children, however, they simply cannot afford a bike. These bikes cost nothing for them to own and use. There isn't any need for gas or something of that nature. If there is a problem, they can bring the bike back to us and we'll have a look for free.
      Know someone with a barn full of bikes? Many of us also know others that have a collection of bikes laying around. Tell them about our wonderful organization. Help those in need to get the transportation they want or the fun they need. Biking is a wonderful way for these kids to get away from the stresses of living in a home that is financially unstable. It gives them freedom and something positive to do.

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