About The Happier Bikes Organization

We are a non-profit organization thats main mission is to provide everyone with a safe bike to ride. If you or someone you know has a bike to donate please contact us.

bikes for the family donation

All children should get to have the experience of riding a bike, the fun and life long memories a child can have on a bike is priceless. 
We believe all kids should get a bike.. Your unused bike would be great for a child without.
Let's work together to bring a cmile to a childs face while helping promote a healthier, active lifestyle. 

Make A Donation

Please contact us if you have a bike sitting around and you would like to donate it. We also accept bike parts that are still in good condition. Many bike donations need minor repairs like tires, brakes and tubes.
Financial contributions is a great help as well

    kids mountain bike donataion

    Older kids and adults need bikes as well. Many times a students only way to school is walking or by bike.
    A parents only way to work is by bike and bus. We want to help everyone in need safely get to where they need to go.

    Please I ask of one small favor. If you receive a bike from us, please do not sell the bike, donate it to someone or bring it back to us so we can pass it on to someone new.

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