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We are not yet a 501c3 tax exempt organization. All financial donations will go towards the repairs of bike donations and operation costs.


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You can't help everyone but everyone can help someone!

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    Your donations of any kind and size really does make a difference. 

    Our first bike donation.

    first donation mountain bike
    This mountain bike came in and did not need much to get it back in excellent riding condition.
    This bike was in pretty good condition, no major paint chips or rust so cosmetically it was in great shape. 
    The bike was in need of new tubes and tires which was about $30 but the bike was used and abused so the brakes had to be adjusted, the gear changing was off and the grips were slipping off. 
    Most of the bikes that come in don't need much.
    We started this mission to help people, and our first bike donation did just that.
    There was a lady that works at a school, she noticed a student had stopped coming to school. The student was a senior in high school and only need very little credits to graduate.
    She contacted the student to find out why he was not going to school, turns out his bike was stolen which was his only way to get to school. His bike was also his form of transportation to work to help his family financially.
    This bike was given to that student at no cost, we stand by our bikes so if anything brakes he is more that welcome to bring it back so it can get repaired or given another bike.
    I share this story for 2 reasons. 1, it does not require a large donation to make a difference in someones life, a small donation of $20 can get a bike up and running.
    2. This was a very meaningful donation for us, our first bike donation will literally change the life of the young man and his family. We hope one day he shows another kindness.
    This is a wonderful video sent to use from the Fathers Heart Ranch located in Desert Hot Springs, CA. 
    We were able to donate 4 bikes to the ranch to help the kids enjoy the fun of riding a bicycle as a group. 
    This was truly a great experience and we are very happy to be able to help in any way we can. 
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