Fundraiser To Become An Official 501c3 Non-Profit Status

We are raising the funds to cover the fees involved with filling for non-profit with the sate of California.

Help Support Our Mission.

We have been off to a great start with the Happier Bikes donation program. We have had a huge response of individuals wanting to donate their unused bikes to help those in need of a bike.
With the help of the community we were able to donate bikes to a boys home in Desert Hot Springs so those kids can ride as a group and everyone is able to have fun, together.
We had a school employee come to use about a couple students that were not coming to school and the reason was they had no way of getting there so they now have have reliable bikes for transportation.
For those of you that are just now learning of our program we take in unwanted bikes, many times they need repairs. We do any repairs needed as well as give the bikes a good cleaning, some times we even paint the bikes. Our goal is to provide a child a used bike but in the greatest condition possible, even though it is used it can still look very new.
We know we can make a huge positive impact in the community just from a bike. Putting a smile a on a child's face can put them in a positive mindset that will last for years, resulting a happier more motivated child that can move forward in life knowing they can do great things and help others.
It is time that we become an official non-[profit organization, the past few months has been fun getting the word out and testing to see if the community would have a positive reaction to the program in it has been going great.
We now ask for your help for us to grow and become an official 501c3 non=profit organization. Between all the fees with the IRS, state and local costs involved it is going the process will cost us about $800
Help our organization by donating today! All donations go directly to the fees involved with becoming an official non-profit..

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